Best Price


Paintings vary in price according to size:

  • the small canvases, each set on its own easel are £40 and the larger ones £65
  • the framed canvas boards are £75 which includes the cost of the frame – £60 if unframed
  • the miniatures range from £15 – £20 each, but cost less if bought in sets of two or three. They too are set on their own easel.


MartYbears are made to order – each one is bespoke if you like!

I am willing to try my hand at any design you would like, as you can see from the photos in the gallery. I have made pirates, Dr Who, grandma & grandpa, skiers, a barista and a barrister, as well as many different football strips and simple designs

The basic bear is £20; a more elaborate design is £25 and one with lots of ‘bells and whistles’ will cost you £30.

Added to all of the above is postage and packing which will vary according to the weight and size of the item/s and the distance involved

When your order is complete, I will send you an invoice with payment options – both cheque and on-line banking options. Payment is due within 7 days of the completion of your order, but you are welcome to pay sooner if that suits you better

MartYart is committed to supporting and included in the price of each order is an amount that will be passed on directly to Justlife. This is always at least 20% and often more than that. So far MartYart has raised £2716 for Justlife.