‘your own front door’ p...

I started the project ‘your own front door’in 2009 and I have just completed painting number 168 – a housewarming gift for a family

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MartYbears almost total 250!...

When I first started making these little bears, I had absolutely NO idea that I would make so many. I have just added the

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What has MartYart been up to recent...

A set of three miniatures has been completed and mailed to friends in Ljubljana; another set of three to friends in Oregon USA, two MartYbears have

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The Doctor, the Musician and the Bl...

Three new MartYbears appeared recently – the Doctor, the Musician and the Black-belt. Check the gallery to find one you’d like – or ask for

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Oregon Home...

The most recent MartYart miniatures feature a home in Oregon and they were ordered as a Christmas present. I hope the recipient – and

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A bear for all occasions...

Birthdays, Christmas, football team colours and now a wedding anniversary present. This one is for the Amethyst Anniversary which is 33 years. Who knew?

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