Martybear number 218...

Since I started making these delightfully cute little bears, I have been asked for all kinds of different designs. But this is my first

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MartYart early work...

I have been looking at my very first paintings which I haven’t looked at for a while. The picture you can see is in

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‘Your Own Front Door’ m...

This is the first post that I have made myself on my brand new website and the first painting that I have completed since

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Painting miniatures...

Maybe miniatures appeal to you. MartYart Miniatures have covered a variety of subjects from food items to snooker and many in between. Let me

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Miniature teddy bears...

Would you like a miniature teddy bear, created especially for you? You can choose either the standard pattern, or the colours of your football

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Greenwich Park London...

I love painting miniatures. Usually in sets of three. Here is a set of three paintings of buildings in Greenwich Park London – the

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