just-life-5Gary & Hannah Bishop moved to Manchester from Brighton in 2000 to set up and lead the Eden project in Openshaw, east Manchester. Living in the heart of the Toxteth Street estate and through their work with the community they encountered many people for whom drug and alcohol addiction were a way of life. They built relationships with a group of such people and helped them to access treatment services by providing support before, during and after treatment, using their home as a place of refuge.




header-logoChick  has spent over thirty-five years in full-time ministry.  Most of this time has been devoted to leading and pastoring local congregations, both in the UK and the USA.  He is a passionate communicator and has frequently appeared on national radio and TV, speaking on issues of faith and morality. He is also a regular speaker at major Christian conferences such as Spring Harvest and contributes frequently to Radio Two’s Good Morning Sunday show.




logo-csWhether we’re running a school, promoting wellbeing, working with families or supporting churches, faith groups and local community organisations, our aim is to help build and create community.






Hope-HIVHOPEHIV’s roots go back to 1997, when Phil Wall was on a work trip to Johannesburg. He visited an orphanage and met a little girl called Zodwa, whose mother was a sex worker who was dying of AIDS. Phil and his wife Wendy tried to adopt Zodwa but, after a long and emotional process, her grandmother came forward and took her in.